Webinar ReplayDriving the Donor Journey: A Guide to Descriptive Modeling

Original Broadcast Date: Wednesday, May 15 

Wealth details alone may not be enough to predict your best donors. As part of serving and stewarding donors, a data-driven approach to audience segmentation needs to also include lifestyle and interest data. WealthEngine’s descriptive modeling tool leverages data science techniques to find the best donors who you have yet to connect with. 

During this webinar, learn how to create your own donor personas and develop the steps to put them on the best donor path as we explore WealthEngine’s modeling capabilities, and how it can help you: 

  • Optimize your major gift portfolios
  • Utilize persona development and wealth & lifestyle data for audience segmentation
  • Use insights to determine messaging for your next direct mail, email, phone, content, or email campaign

We’ll also walk you through our real-time analysis tools which enable you to find additional prospects who look like your organization’s top donors.

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