General Session: Elevating Client Led Innovation with a Human Touch


Chady Alahmar
SVP of Strategy and Analytics 
U.S. Bank


In today’s environment, there is no lack of data and insight on existing or potential clients. At the same time, innovation trends and technology disruptors are rapidly changing client expectations. However, human-based trust remains critical to engaging with clients in a meaningful way.

As the Head of Strategy and Business Development, Chady applies his international perspective and experience with domestic financial services companies to design and execute business strategies for U.S. Bank Wealth Management. Prior to joining U.S. Bank in 2010, he held strategy, finance and management consulting positions, and ran his own management consulting firm for several years. While Chady’s work is focused on strategy and business development, he is continuously reminded that “culture eats strategy for lunch, and a strategy is merely an idea if not implemented.”

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