Keynote: Building Distinctive and Authentic Strategies in the Era of Data Abundance

Tom Monahan 
Founder and Managing Partner 
Norton Street Capital 


In 2019, no credible leadership team, in any industry, would think of formulating a growth strategy without putting data and analytics at or near the center. But most organizations are pursuing data strategies that look eerily similar to each other – relying on a few basic “plays” to better understand and address customers. With respect to strategy, Gilbert and Sullivan got it right with their dictum “When everybody’s somebody, then no one’s anybody.” The challenge for leaders is not to have an analytics strategy, but to have a distinctive and authentic strategy that leverages their unique insights and capabilities to create unique value.

Along with being the Founder of Norton Street Capital, Tom Monahan also serves as a board member for multiple organizations and has spent more than two decades as a leader and CEO at CEB, Inc. He currently invests and engages in businesses and organizations that create and use technology, data, and analytics to inflect business performance, improve individual careers and lives, and produce healthy and just societies. 

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