Keynote: Being Practical About AI For Fundraisers and Marketers


Jim Manzi
Foundry AI


There is likely no more over-hyped term in 2019 than Artificial Intelligence (AI). This is irritating to any experienced executive because they have seen earlier technologies ranging from the World Wide Web to CRM to enterprise data warehouses to big data. Many companies waste an enormous amount of money trying to exploit each of these. But as with other innovations, there is real substance at the root of the hype. And AI will be a big part of running almost any large data-intensive organization in the future. The practices followed by the executives that most successfully exploited these earlier technologies will be reviewed when they were in the stage that AI is in now, and will then be applied to the challenge of making AI practical today.

Jim is a co-founder and managing partner of Foundry.ai, an artificial intelligence technology studio. He was founder, CEO and Chairman of Applied Predictive Technologies (APT), which became the world’s largest cloud-based AI software company, and was sold to MasterCard in 2015. Previously, Jim worked at AT&T Laboratories and as a corporate strategy consultant.

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